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Get Your Kia Serviced By Factory-Trained Experts At Barossa Kia

At Barossa Kia, we appreciate great value for money. So, when you book your Kia in for a service with us, you can be confident that the work is being performed by a factory-trained, authorised Kia service team, using genuine Kia parts. This ensures that your Kia maintains its optimum performance.

Enjoy your first 3 month service on us.

Three months doesn’t seem like a long time before a service. But it’s really important that after your first 3,000 kilometres or three months of driving (whichever occurs first), our factory trained technicians will ensure your new Kia is in optimal condition.

7-Year Capped Price Servicing

So, to make it easy for you to give your new Kia the best service possible, we’ve capped the maximum price you will pay for the first seven scheduled services (fourteen for T-GDI petrol turbo models) for up to 7 years or 105,000kms (excluding Kia Stinger and MY 19 and onwards petrol turbo models) and for Kia Stinger and MY 19 and onwards petrol turbo models for up to 7 years or 70,000kms, whichever comes first. That means you know up front what it’s going to cost. Plus, our servicing schedule outlines exactly what will be done at each service, giving you complete certainty that all the boxes that should be ticked, will be ticked (as specified in your owner’s manual).

For further great value, every time you book a scheduled Kia service at Barossa Kia, your Kia Roadside Assist membership will be renewed for an additional 12 months (up to a maximum of 8 years).

To find out more about our 7-year capped price servicing offer Contact our friendly service department today. To book your next service, use our simple form.

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